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Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Flash tool Untuk Flashing Hp China

Bagi Agan2 yang Belum Bunya Box Flasher untuk Flashing Hp china Cpu MTK,Tool Berikut adalah Solusinya
MTK Flash Tool FlashTool_v5.1252.00 Lates Version/Versi terbaru
Release Note:● MUST update: You must update FlashTool in order to prevent download error.● Strongly recommend: We strongly recommend you to update the tool for getting more useful functiogunality.
New Feature:N/A

Bug Fix:[MT6280] Fix the bug if user’s image was updated, the tool will automatically download this file to target even user doesn’t want to download this file.                 We change this behavior that tool won’t automatically download updated-file unless user choose the file on the UI.
 Enhancement:[MT6280] Support download w/o key function on RNDIS/Hosted dongle if the dongle could be boot-up successfully.[MT6280] Support dongle download reliable mechanism. If RNDIS/Hosted dongle was download failed, we could re-trigger download again.
Untuk tutorial Penggunaanya Disini
Download MTK Flash Tool FlashTool

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